Photo 101 ~ Day Six: Connect & Tags

To Connect ~ to join, to bridge, hook on, to tag on …
To me, social media, in its own way, has been using terms to correlate with beings of  Mother Nature to help us, people, Connect and understand its structural network.  This is an Arachnid’s personal website.

The Web Builder connecting to net Server

The Web Builder connecting to net Server

He built this web and Connected all its frameworks singlehandedly.  He knows web templates instinctively and will adjust his web Connections depending on available hardware at the time of set-up. This is where he Connects with his feed and gets his daily input dynamically (‘on-the-fly’ as nerds term it).

He and I Connect and communicate in our own quiet way, the way Mother Nature intended. I love these web builders who help me to clean up bugs and worms on my garden platform.



19 responses to “Photo 101 ~ Day Six: Connect & Tags

  1. I don’t like spiders, err, I hate spiders, umm, I’m scared of spiders BUT this is a very creative interpretation of the theme! And dare I say, a beautiful spider at that. What’s its name?


  2. Whoa! Is that all his web? Or just the part where he is, or is it all coiled cord? Is he poisonous? Great shot.


  3. That is just awesome! I also like your choice of going vertical for this shot.

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  4. Great analogy and interpretation of theme. Love the pic too! What kind of spider is it, very pretty.


  5. Beautiful! My mother always said spiders meant luck and you never were to kill them. They are said to keep other pests away too. Many greetings from Sweden!


  6. Connecting and communicating in its truest sense! Creatively interpreted, Pekebun!😊

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  8. omg what a pic… yikes.. lol


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