Photo 101 ~ Day Thirteen: Moment & Motion

Bees fascinate me and being an Accidental Beekeeper, I watch them and sometimes I just randomly focus my idiot-proof camera on them and ‘snap’. 9 out of 10 shots of them-in-motion are usually bad.

One that is viewable ~ where they (the subjects) have their wings in motion ~ is 1 form of Panning in Photography, I think.  Of this aspect, I would really like to learn more, so …

Bees with Wings in Motion

Bees with Wings in Motion

veteran photographers, do correct me (a photo newbie) if I am wrong.  Advice will be really appreciated.


6 responses to “Photo 101 ~ Day Thirteen: Moment & Motion

  1. i can’t photograph bees at all. Yours is lovely, I can see them working away and the light is complimentary.

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  2. THank you for taking care of the bees! ❤ We so very much nee them. And I loved your photo too. 🙂

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  3. I’ve tried catching bees in flight and found it almost impossible. You are one capable photographer. The wing movement is exactly that, movement. Basically, panning is when you move the camera side ways or up or down to either blur the background or the subject as you make the exposure. It’s a lot of fun. Hope that helps a bit and practise makes perfect, if there is such a thing in photography.

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    • Thanks for a very informative comment. I can actually MOVE a camera while taking a photo?! So I can focus on the subject, follow it & while moving the camera, press the shoot button? I’m going to try this today with the birds & the bees 😀


  4. You’ve actually done an excellent job for a point and shoot photographer like myself – well done!

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  5. O wow that looks so awesome.


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