Preserving Harvests

We’ve had guests from N.Carolina whom we’ve known for years but never knew they were backyard Edible Gardening veterans and I received priceless lessons on soil building and speeding seed germination.

But … 1 crucial observation they made was that we will be getting big harvests of various fruits and veggies around the same time ~ more than we can eat, freeze & share with neighbors. Since I did not like too much pickling, they suggested and we experimented (for taste) with dehydrating. So we made our own contraption.

Not ultra-sweet, no preservatives… It tasted Yummy!

Ok, we were convinced so we ended up buying a real (beginner’s) dehydrator

A real Beginner's Dehydrator

A real Beginner’s Dehydrator

… and so, another level of food preservation is about to begin.  We’ve agreed that IF the end-products are to our taste, we’ll probably do some research and build a solar model.


2 responses to “Preserving Harvests

  1. I look forward to how that works out.

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