Bee In Motion

After learning about Motion on Photo 101, 3 days ago, I was determined to try to get a better, sharper shot of my Bees-In-Motion.  Finally …

Approaching ...

Approaching … Caught in Motion

This one even has full sacs on his hind legs (of pollen & nectar) to bring back to his Queen and larvae in the hive.




4 responses to “Bee In Motion

  1. Great shot, although, I do think he is a she! I’ve been looking through this section of your blog and it’s a wonderful story. You’ve done so well to overwinter them. I also like the beer making kit as substitute for honey extraction. Know what I’m going to be doing this year!
    You never know, you could find yourself with a second hive this year. We’ve found that ready made hives are an attractor of swarms that have left either our own, or a neighbour’s hive. There is also the possibility of an artificial swarm in case you don’t want to leave it to chance (lots of stuff on the net, but there are several ways of doing it, so can be a bit confusing). I’m hoping to do that this year to build up another beekeeping skill for when we get our own land.

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    • I would love to learn how to tell a he from a she 😀 and do please post your beekeeping on your blog. I’m eager to learn more.


    • I went to read more detailed info about worker bees & now realize that they are all females. Thanks for pointing it out.


      • I was watching the surprising bee foraging activity (as it is only 8C degrees) from the warmth of my living room window, when I got an idea for adding to the bee section of the blog. I’ve not written much as it’s too early for us to do an inspection, but intend to add more posts as the season progresses.

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