Weekend Three: Hone Your Eye

Ok, I’ve got a confession to make.  I am simply obsessed with “motion: take pictures of one moving subject” as Cheri describes it in her e-mail.  Today I concentrated on my Bees In Motion but yesterday, I actually went out with my idiot-proof camera and tried my best to get a few shots of moving objects.

Do these qualify as being in Motion?


6 responses to “Weekend Three: Hone Your Eye

  1. Good job for using your idiot proof camera! I think you did really well on working it out! Did you use the night setting for these or how did you manage to get the blurr? Just interested in how you can work around it in these kind of cameras in case someone is asking me again at some point 🙂


    • I turned off Flash, positioned the camera on car window so no shaking of my hand, aimed ahead of coming object & put finger on shutter button & pressed half-way to focus then the moment object hits the “screen”, press button down. Does that make sense?


  2. Great job! Yes, you met the requirements!:) http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/


  3. Spot on. No visible spokes in the Harley’s front wheel,great blur too, same blur on the truck with the background sharp and the car’ wheel clearly demonstrates movement. 10/10. Well done.

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