Photo 101 ~ Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared

I may be wrong but … with Cheri’s email mentioning “resulting in multi-layered and unexpected shots”, I am not going to interpret the word Squared as Glass cut into Squares but rather Glass2.

I took 3 shots from different angles of this scene and guess what? No one looked up at me & my camera, no one looked out at the scenery, no one even took a sip of their coffee (or whatever they had) during that timeframe. Each and everyone there was living their own story in their own world.

In their own Virtual World

In their own Virtual World

I guess this is part of the glass-tower lifestyle.



8 responses to “Photo 101 ~ Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared

  1. Wow…. glass and square aside, I like the subjects of the photo. Everyone is busy with themselves.

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  2. glass on their screens, glass in the window…
    amazing how many people now stick to the virtual world rather than the real one!

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  3. No one is looking out that great big glass wall.

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    • Yes, and outside there were trees, beautiful greenery, as can be seen on the mirror piece, but no one even looked at them ~ I thought it was quite strange ~ but to each his/her own I guess.

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  4. The individuals behind the glass seem oblivious to their surroundings, conscious only of the small screen in front of them. Smart capture and a thoughtful commentary on life in the 21st century. A very interesting image.

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  5. Interesting shot. I wonder what everyone is doing on their electronic devices that captivates their attention into a trance-like state.

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  6. Maybe its the only spot where the WiFi signal is working? This is a very interesting shot, quite a commentary on the age of glass-screens. Recently I saw a photo (probably on this site) of a group of school kids sitting around obviously at a museum field trip at the meeting spot, each and every one of them has a cell phone in their hands or at their ear. 🙂


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