One Word Photo Challenge ~ Mauve

It’s Spring and after a heavy downpour yesterday, all things in the garden are springing to life. Oh what joy!

As for color recognition, now that’s a different ball game and I hope I did get pics of some Mauve items.

I have learned so much from Photo 101 lessons in the last 3 weeks & have come to admire and appreciate all these beautiful photo submissions I see on blog challenges. It is my hope that one day I can take really good pics too.  😉


5 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge ~ Mauve

  1. Your sincerity, appreciation, and determination stand out in every shot. Thanks for sharing these photos and words.

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  2. These are really gorgeous. I adore your turnip blooms. Your depth of field makes them rise above the rest of the image- like they could withstand anything 🙂


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