Photo 101 ~ Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast

I am, by nature, an introvert and for some strange reason, constantly discuss, debate and set standards for myself, within myself. So Triumph comes when I meet or exceed those invisible lines.

I feel triumphant when I cross the finish line of a marathon and I feel just as triumphant for having completed Photo 101 and learned so much along the way.

It brings so much joy when I “beat” winter’s chill & frost and manage to get my tropical fruits to reach full growth and ripen, just like they would in sunny Singapore. It’s a Gardener’s Obsession satiated.  :mrgreen:

As for Contrast ~ that is forthcoming because what is now Green will become all shades of Red to subdue my acute Tomatomania Syndrome.

So at the end of the day … Life goes on until the next Blogging University course or marathon I sign up with, not to compete but to complete, to experience my self-set definition of Triumph.


4 responses to “Photo 101 ~ Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast

  1. Truly triumphant


  2. Vibrant colours arranged so that they compliment each other. Well done. Your narrative is always entertaining too. Always a pleasure to see your images and read your informative narrative. Ripper.

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