Growing Moringa Oleifera from cuttings

The weather today is superb for “re-arranging” my food forest so 1st job was to trim and re-plant my Moringa Oleifera trees. Their growth slowed during winter but leaves’ production was still enough to allow me some harvest. Rather than to re-grow from seeds, I chose to use cut-offs to get some thick stems for dual purpose.

I further cut the stem into 2 cuttings (3ft long & 1.5ins diameter), so I will now have 2 extra thick stemmed plants growing in pots which will also act as supports and companions for tomatoes and beans.

I have already used some of the harvested leaves in my omelet for lunch…

Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

and am preparing Garlic & Ginger Rice with Moringa leaves for tonight’s dinner.

G & G Rice with Moringa Leaves

G & G Rice with Moringa Leaves

This Site has great information of its history & nutritional value & Discovery Channel has a documentary on it.



2 responses to “Growing Moringa Oleifera from cuttings

  1. Garlic and ginger rice a favorite here.


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