Moringa Oleifera Tomato Omelette

Today I remembered to bring my camera to the kitchen.
I usually cook my Moringa Oleifera leaves in curries, rice dishes, soups & strir-fries but today (again) I decided on my favourite home-style fast food… Omelette!  The last portion of Moringa leaves from the tree which was coppiced on Saturday, was used ~ none left.  :mrgreen:

The nutrients from Moringa Oleifera and the other home grown vegetables combined are excellent for lacto-ovo vegetarians (which I am not).

My Lunch

My Lunch

… and now back to helping hubby re-do our side lawn, soon to be another edible plant patch, but “in disguise”.  (Ugh! I hate county-imposed meaningless lawns on my property.)


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