My (ex-Lawn) Garden Project so far

What began as Another Garden Project did take time for step-by-step work (er … 😀 pun intended there) which simply cannot be hastened ~ no one can push Mother Nature and how she makes things happen.

After the Steps got Built, it was time for my choice of planting on a stretch of land by the new retaining wall.

2-ft wide trench

2-ft wide trench

So 1st thing was to dig … or rather, shovel … a trench slightly over 2ft wide, 8ft long and 18ins deep.

Then gathered branches and old wood from my pile of  hoarded garden waste and laid it out.  Hugelkultur style.

Garden waste laid out in trench

Garden waste laid out in trench

Went seeking for horse poop from friends’ stables and  farms. It seems everyone loves horse poop these days.

Filled the trench

Filled the trench

Filled with composted poop and topsoil. Watered. Put in lots of worms plus their poop and eggs too & hope they are happy in there. Then came the waiting period for soil to settle.

Last night it rained. More rain is expected so it seems just right for me to begin filling the bed with the 1st few plants (& their companions).

1st batch of seedlings are in

1st batch of seedlings are in

In went the seedlings of  Collard Greens, Okra (Lady’s Fingers), Garlic Chives, Pak Choy and Choy Sum (Chinese Mustard Greens). I even put in some Rau Ram (Vietnamese Cilantro or Daun Kesum/Laksa Leaf) in anticipation of it growing wild and being a good ground cover.

May throw in some Nasturtium seeds as they make good camouflage, will make it seem like a flower bed.

What else should I plant in there?  Suggestions welcomed.



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