Apples on Pineapples? Myth or Fact?

Did you know that Apples produce Ethylene?  That is a Fact.

Did you know that Ethylene is a plant hormone that can accelerate the ripening of fruits close to it or enclosed with it? That is a Fact too. Yes, put apples next to green tomatoes IF you want your tomatoes to ripen faster. But if you leave apples on your fruit tray with pears, grapes, bananas, etc. You had better be a fast fruit consumer or end up with ripened fruit galore.

Farmers use Ethylene in greenhouses to speed up plant growth and that is a Fact

But!  … I’ve been told that IF I put an apple on a Pineapple plant,

Apple on Pineapple plant

Apple on Pineapple plant

and then cover the whole “contraption” with a large garbage bag for 24 hours,

all bagged up

all bagged up

the Ethylene will help the Pineapple plant to produce fruit in about 90 days (like a hormonal treatment to increase fertility).

Will this work?  OK, I feel like an idiot but I’m about to find out. 😳
Thomas Edison once said “If it fails, you have succeeded in finding out it is something that does not work.”

Update: See my Suckers!



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