Size Matters ~ Unrelated to Writing 101

Matters regarding Size or Size actually does Matter? Baffling syntax of the English language and how/what each mind interprets can be eye-opening.

Backyard eggplant

Backyard eggplant

In my case (this present post), it’s a challenge with myself to beat the record I set last year of the largest and heaviest Eggplant grown in my backyard ~ almost 2 lbs.  This year with a warmer than normal Spring, they are hurrying to ‘ripen’ before full size and are now only about 1¼lbs avg.

Does anyone, who’s into Permaculture or Edible Gardening, know how I can slow down the ripening process or prevent browning and/or splitting?  Advice will be truly & greatly appreciated.

You see? In this mad self-challenge, the Size of the Eggplants do Matter … to me.



2 responses to “Size Matters ~ Unrelated to Writing 101

  1. Taking a prompt of writing 101 and fitting it to the topic of your blog, I like it!

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