For Potted Plants in Summer

This Spring has been as hot as Summer and almost all fruit bearing plants have sped up growth and borne fruit. Mulch! to prevent fast drying, do mulch.

From experiments I have found a gentle way to keep plants (especially potted) from drying out. Screw-cap glass bottles with a single small hole, 1⁄10” made to the cap using nail or fine drill bit.

Inverted glass bottle water dripper.

Inverted glass bottle water dripper.

See the bubbles? Tilt by just 2-3° and it will help to provide moisture to plant roots bit by bit almost to the plant’s calling. No plastic/rubber expansion or sun spoilage. Be sure to put it in to a stable depth and pay attention to the rate of water usage for the 1st couple of hours.

This is not an ad, I’m not selling watering bottles, so don’t sue me if your plants die… if they do, it means Mother Nature has called them back to plant heaven.


One response to “For Potted Plants in Summer

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    I like this idea as i have seen it done with plastic bottles leeaching plastic into ground so glass bottles are a great idea.

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