Writing 101 ~ Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’

Today is a free writing day.

I am an ex-urbanite who has left behind the fashionable office wear, the Estee Lauder creams and TGIF post work meetings at wine bars in a banking community. Strangely the soul locked in this body still feels the same, though the body, with age actually feels healthier and stronger. Maybe it’s because I got the smog-effect out of my system. Who knows…

Being out of the city rush and the concrete jungle,  the lifestyle changes and along the way the dreams and aims in life changed too. I walked along Soho and Lower Manhattan last year, looked at all the classy window dressings of Hermes, Uniqlo, Hilfiger … and there was no sense of appreciation at all.  Last week, by luck, I walked into Home Depot, found they had a sale in the nursery section and I just went wild with purchases of organic fertilizers, seed potatoes, seedlings which I do not have … it just got the adrenaline going. Made me wonder if I was a farmer in my previous life.

Todate I have only achieved a minute portion of my revised aims in life. Those aims changed when I saw a video of a garden in Vietnam which had been in that family for 28 generations, yes 28! and all the trees, plants, everything growing had a use, a purpose, to feed and support life, to provide shelter or to enrich the soil. I found it simply eye opening! You can say I was in a way “born again”.

Many have pet animals, I have pet worms. It’s amazing what they do to organic wastes. They are almost like recycling angels. Then there are the pet lizards, frogs, ladybugs, dragonflies, spiders, bees ~ yes, I live in a creepy creatures’ menagerie of sort and I sometimes also talk to them.

If I ever get my hands on 5 acres, I will start a full permaculture garden, which will include goats (for milk), chickens (for eggs) and other creatures who can contribute their poop to enrich the soil. Then, I might even start a barter community with neighbors.  One day …

Ah yes ~ Laozi once said: 千里之行,始於足下 ~ a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Free writing includes Chinese characters, right?)  I’m right now over 10,000 miles away from my birthplace so I think I have taken quite a few steps but I realize I have a long way more to go.


8 responses to “Writing 101 ~ Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’

  1. Very much healthy lifestyle and I often wonder myself, how would it be to live like that. Besides, it was a refreshing outlook to the crawling creatures which many discussed in the ‘fear’ post. So good job

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  2. That sounds like utopia to me.

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  3. I liked this piece and the places that it took you to. Great job.

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