How to Evict a Frog …

Does anyone know how to evict a Frog? He’s my pest controller and I do welcome his presence around the garden but my Papaya is ripe for plucking.



He’s been there for a week and each day he looks like he’s making himself more and more comfortable. Do I sacrifice the fruit for the frog or do I evict the frog from the fruit? Update: I know it’s crazy but I just want to show why it’s so hard to ‘shoo’ him away. Look at those sad eyes …

Sad Frog

Sad Frog

8.30pm Update: The sun has set, it’s twilight and raining lightly. Froggy is awake and alert, preparing to go on his insect hunt, *sigh* but he is still sitting on my ripe papaya!!


6 responses to “How to Evict a Frog …

  1. I am sure mr. Frog can ‘be relocated


  2. yikes – cute though.


  3. 😀 You go frog! Tell the human to grow more fruits. By the way, I just love papayas (called pawpaw here by English speaking people and papaya / papaja by Afrikaners), but I prefer the smaller one called the papino. They are just coming into season now.

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