Powerless Beings

Pole crash

Pole crash

What happens when this happens?

I guess we were powerless!  Computers went on battery mode but with modem & router down, no work could be submitted. (I work from home.) *sshhh* good valid excuse for a short break.

But … the short break became a long break, which I later, on a bicycle investigation, discovered was due to a pole break.

Neighbors were in a quandary – laundry half-done & food in oven half cooked. (I ignored the “air-conditioners not working & it’s warm complaints”.)

We were all powerless and now depended on the power company to save us from modern day ‘Hell’.  Came they did, police cordoned off the streets affected and this looked like a 6-7hr job.

Men At Work hopefully bringing back to Business As Usual

Men At Work hopefully bringing all back to Business As Usual

7 hours later … I decided to pull out the emergency cooker to churn out a ‘Throw Anything In (& hope for the best) Fried Rice”.

"Anything in Fried Rice" ~ cooking on my driveway.

“Anything-In Fried Rice” ~ cooking on my driveway.

So us Powerless Beings had candlelight dinner, savouring driveway-cooked “Anything-In Fried Rice”, still quite cold beers from the fridge, Men-At-Work music from Pandora via cellphone… can’t complain.

Variety is the Spice of Life ~That is my motto when things are not the norm.


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