School was not my Land of Confusion

(The Daily Post)

… I loved school. Yes, I was a stringently disciplined idiot who followed everything by the rules because I always thought THEY were right. THEY were teachers so THEY had to be right, right? Oh well, I had to take many crash courses when school years were over. I was born in the wrong era and back then THEY never taught us how to argue.

My 1st recipe book

My 1st recipe book

I have a decades’ old book with me still… brought all the way to the US of A!! My 1st handwritten recipe notebook of my “cookery” class.

Yes, cooking and baking was one of my favourite subjects … when I was 12 years old. I found it fascinating that I, yes yours truly, could actually make things which were edible and tasted good. Strange though, they only tasted good made during lessons in class but not at home when I did them on my own. Why? That’s the confusing part I have no answer to (yet).

Ugh! the handwriting!  :(

Ugh! the handwriting! 😦

Chinese New Year delicacy

Chinese New Year delicacy

So in case anyone wants to try a Chinese New Year delicacy which is actually pineapple jam/paste wrapped in rich short crust pastry, it’s here.  I took a pic of the recipe written by that 12 y.o. me.

(PM me if you want a typed recipe, word for word.)

IF you get it right and it tastes good, let me know because no matter how hard I try, it has never tasted the same as it did in class.





2 responses to “School was not my Land of Confusion

  1. It’s funny how things linger about school.I still have many of my high school text books and I just couldn’t part with them so I can imagine how you must treasure the notes from your cookery class. Nicely done.

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    • I kept that book as a reminder that if I can cook/bake those things at 12, I have no excuse not to be able to do them again. I’m a sentimental idiot. 🙂


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