My Morning Visitor

She has a standing invitation and decided to come for breakfast this morning while I was out in the front yard. She doesn’t mind my presence anymore because I usually leave her alone to do her own thing. I had just finished a call and had cellphone in hand, so I decided to take a few shots.

My street sign is for real though many strangers/new neighbors think it’s some kind of gimmicky road decor. I have just requested for a county road sign and hope it’s approved.

But ~ here is Mrs Torty (the Gopher Tortoise) coming up the driveway.

Mrs Torty coming forth

Mrs Torty coming forth

Yum yum!

Yum yum!

... then down the side path

… then down the side path

Oh yes, she knows her way around and she’s heading for the backyard …

by the Banana Trees

by the Banana Trees

where she “hides” under our Bee Hive, where there’s part shade & part sun, usually for an hour or so, and the bees don’t mind.


3 responses to “My Morning Visitor

  1. I love our nature neighbors

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  2. Isn’t it great to welcome nature’s visitors, particularly photographic ones. What a treat.

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    • Yes creakingbones, most of them are darlings & serve a purpose. I, the urban idiot, am learning all about nature so late in life but I always tell myself gleefully ~ it’s better late than never. (Hey! riding a Harley has been added to my life’s agenda too!) 😀

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