Ants on Beans

Yes, Ants are Antsy! Definition of Antsy: restless, anxious, fidgety. When you watch the worker ants, they are like Hercules, lifting matters twice their size and weight and just working continuously. Like Bees, they work to serve their queen and are willing to die for their colony.

No, I don’t love Ants but they I do find them fascinating. They have found my long beans, so now I have to watch carefully because when ants congregate, aphids are a-coming. They seem to have this ‘buddy-buddy’ relationship.

Ants ~ the pollinators

Ants ~ on the green long beans

Red long beans

None on the red long beans – yet.

I usually spray water with dishwashing liquid but 24hrs later they are back. Urgh! Does anyone have a good way of getting rid of Aphids and Ants without using chemical pest repellent(s)?




2 responses to “Ants on Beans

  1. Joy brand dish washing liquid is what my grandparents used. Seemed to work for them back then. I used in on house plants. (Good for blowing bubbles too. Hee Hee.) My husband uses Sevin Dust now for our garden and outside plants.
    Pesky ants!


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