Russian Comfrey

There are various types of Comfrey but I have chosen to grow the Russian Comfrey Bocking #14. This is one of my best green manure which I simply chop and drop. It’s the time of the year when it begins its crazy growth and the leaves get gigantic, so more chopping & dropping coming.

Average 2ft long leaf

Average 2ft long leaf

I use Comfrey as poultice when I bruise my poor feet on long jogs or plain impact injury. So far ~ it has worked ~ fast healing. It is blooming time and the one under my Loquat tree is the 1st to bud.

Soon to flower

Soon to flower

Comfrey under the Mango tree

Comfrey under the Mango tree

I am reblogging Not Dabbling in Normal‘s very comprehensive post on Comfrey.

Disclaimer:  My use of Comfrey is my personal choice. I am only sharing this information here from experience and not as a medical expert. You should do your own research and dabble with its healing properties carefully and at you own risk.


4 responses to “Russian Comfrey

  1. I agree as comfrey is not something I can use in the products I sell here in Canada. It is banned for selling but can be used for personal use. Funny that most other places can sell it but not in Canada. I found out when doing research and wanted to buy it for my products and that is when I found all the info on it and that I couldn’t buy it but I could use it for myself.

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  2. Hi,

    Is there any place in Singapore that sells comfrey leaves or have abundance of it growing around.. I’m having an arm fracture which I’ve researched comfrey is good for bone healing. Thank you.


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