Combo Food (crops) in a Pot ~ Pot 2

Another Multi-Companion Planting in a Container … our 9-gal homemade Hypertufa pot, which I’m hoping to get covered with Ficus Pulima, which will act as a pot-cover of sort to reduce heat absorption in summer.

Our homemade hypertuffa pot.

Our homemade hypertufa pot.

Yes, this Ficus can get invasive on walls if left unwatched but over a pot, it’s OK.

This stands on the east side so it gets morning and noon sun. I’m watching closely to see which plant(s) can survive this summer’s heat, provide some shade to lower ones and all their ‘comfort-in-a-pot’ as companions.  😀

Food Combo

My Food Combo Experiment

The tropical Taro (yam) leaves will hopefully grow nice and tall, act as a kind of parasol for the others. Green Pepper (sometimes called Bell Pepper) is another plant of the tropics. The  Lima Beans will help provide nitrogen to the soil, I think, and if they grow well I will put up my ‘foldable trellis’ on the side. Now the Tomato plant (a present) is a gamble.  It’s the first time I am growing a “Florida 91” which I understand loves sun and warmth.

So for now, it’s a wait-&-watch time, in preparation for a hopefully good summer’s edible harvest from this pot.




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