Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii) coppicing

This year’s 1st coppice-cut of the lanky Murraya Koenigii or the Curry Leaf Plant, a much needed ingredient when cooking curry.



This will be my 3rd attempt on this particular plant (2nd generation grown from a cutting) to grow thick and shrubby so that it can block some sun from hitting the concrete wall in the summer .

From the pic you can see it has already reached the level of the roof gutter. No point having it that tall as it will be too high to harvest.



Down came the tallest branch but I think more will need cutting off.

Nice thick 'stems'

Nice thick ‘stems’

Nice thick stems will now be used to propagate. I have not kept records but I have cultivated new plants from cuttings like these ~ some grew roots, some just wilted.

So now I have quite a handful of curry leaves (ooh! the aroma is just superb), some for dehydration and some for cooking.

Curry Leaves in Hand

Curry Leaves in Hand

Guess what I’ll be cooking for dinner tonight?  😀



2 responses to “Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii) coppicing

  1. May I ask what rooting hormone did you use for Curry Leaf plant cuttings.


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