Curry-Leaf Peanuts ~ Spicy but not Hot

With a big amount of curry leaves available after the much needed coppicing yesterday, I decided to spice-up some peanuts. Dried curry leaves tossed in pan on slow heat until crispy, add curry powder, keep tossing till fragrant, add olive oil and gently mix all, then add peanuts and sea-salt.

Curry Leaf salted Peanuts

Curry Leaf salted Peanuts

Gently, on slow heat, keep stirring or moving back & forth with a pan-spade (in Chinese, we say 炒 pronounced ‘chao‘, I haven’t found a good English expression yet) until it’s evenly coated with spices, the leaves start breaking up indicating it’s crispy and the peanuts are golden brown. Then remove from heat and let it get to room temperature ~ excellent with cold beer!

Note:   In America, “Spicy” means peppery hot or mouth burning. I found out the hard way ~ no one dared to eat my potluck Spicy Chicken until a boy of 7 told his parents that it tasted so good he was going to get more. After that, the plate got emptied in 10 minutes. (That was my 1st lesson in American English many, many moons ago.)

In Asia, the definition of “Spicy” is fragrant or aromatic with the smell of spices such as coriander, cinnamon, cloves, etc. If it’s peppery or mouth burning, we use the term “Hot”.

So ~  there’s English and there’s … English. Maybe I should start a section called ‘Lost in Translation’ revealing my personal episodes of English usage being misunderstood by another English speaker … and my hubby is from Australia, another English speaking nation with her own English variation of sort.


6 responses to “Curry-Leaf Peanuts ~ Spicy but not Hot

  1. Ek weet wat jy bedoel. Ek verkies om in UK English te skryf (dis wat ons op skool geleer het), maar die Engelse praat soveel verskillende dialekte en aksente dat ek ook verlore raak. Televisie het ons gewoond gemaak aan US English aksent.


  2. Dr Google tells me that curry leaves have numerous health benefits: I read an interesting article on Times of India. It even prevents or slows down the graying of hair (a bit too late for me). Methinks I’ll visit our local nursery tomorrow.

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