Red Runner Beans ~ Do they really run?

They can ~ if you allow them to. They wouldn’t run from spot to spot but they can ‘run wild’ and cover your trellis with green leaves and beautiful red flowers.  These vines are superbly decorative and whole pods are edible when young. They can be cut half-inch diagonally and stir-fried with olive oil and garlic ~ just like French Beans and Yard Beans.

A sizable matured pod

A sizable matured pod

Red bean flowers.

Red bean flowers.

When more matured they can be bean-podded and the beans used in stews or slow cooked dishes.

The flowers are just beautifully striking red and I’m very tempted to save a large amount of seeds/beans to actually grow a “bean-wall” next year, just for fun.

I’ve been recently told that the flowers are edible too, but I haven’t tried them yet. I have so much more to learn about this vine.

This is my 2nd year growing this bean and each year, more seeds are saved and sowed. I’m still not sure which I prefer ~ looking at the vines full of flowers and beans or cutting the beans early & cooking them whole.


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