Those Beezy Bodies are really building up

Yes, they are building up in numbers so fast, even we, the Beekeeping Newbies are noticing the growth.

On our neighbor’s triple plot, where a beehive has been placed by a local Honeybee Keeper (who is away right now), the colony is growing and the box-hive looks like it has run out of room.

1 side of the box

1 side of the box

the other side

the other side

From notes I’ve read on the internet, they might be preparing for the hatching and maturing of a new queen to start a new swarm. It’s been a couple of days now that they’ve stayed on the exterior of the box-hive.

In case they do leave and create a temporary swarm on a nearby tree, hubby and I have prepared a bucket, to “bucket them” and bring them to a new hive we’ve built about 50ft away. We’ve even prepared lemongrass oil to enhance their stay.

Are we reading the signs right? Any advice and information from seasoned beekeepers will be really appreciated.


7 responses to “Those Beezy Bodies are really building up

  1. They may just be “Bearding”. If it’s been really hot, they will fan the outside of the box to regulate the inside temperature.

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  2. Congratulations on the growth. We have several bee-keeping friends out here on the west coast, and oh, the problems with sudden hive death.


    • Oh dear! We still very new at this hobby and I hope it does not happen to ours. That can be heartbreaking.


      • Yes, it’s true, it was emotionally quite hard on our friends. They had to grieve for their bees. While striving to nurture and aid them, I know now that beekeepers get quite attached to their hives. Hopefully this will not be a problem for you… entirely different climate and all…
        Best wishes for happy, thriving bees!

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        • Thanks, after watching how they get pollen, watch the larva & pupa emerge/develop, they become like pets.


          • We have lots of bumblebees and California burrowing bees in our backyard, which is mostly California natives and wildflowers. We love to watch them collect their pollen and buzz along contentedly. I can easily see how they’d become like pets.


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