Curry Leaf Plant ~ Sun or Shade?

Since my post on the recent coppicing of a Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii), I have received 5 e-messages asking if they should be planted in sun or shade. I can only provide an answer to those living in zone 8b-10a in the northern hemisphere.  In summer – under the shade; in winter – indoors but at a spot with some sun.

My mature tree

My matured tree

My matured tree is in-ground on the south side, under partial shade in summer. It almost died when I first grew it from seed and unknowingly just shoved it in the ground ~ then winter came. I had to used warm packs each night & cover it with frost cloth and it still ended up looking like bald sticks!

6 mth old in pot

I now have several 6 month old plants grown from cuttings under shade. They are growing fine like the one in this pic.  They do not get full sun at all.

Sorry, these are not for sale but reserved for some friends who will be visiting later this year.

I have been really surprised by the number of readers interested in curry leaf plants lately ~ globalization, I guess.

Incidentally, apart from using it for curry dishes, I also use it as a tea, yes, to drink. If you are really curious, do read this Indepth Review for its medicinal and phytochemical properties.


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