Papaya Propagation ~ My experiment

Strange things happen when you least expect.  A coppiced branch was chewed on by bugs or birds and fell to the ground.

Branch insert

Branch insert

I picked it up, laced it with crushed bonemeal and put it back into the soil. That was 10 days ago and since the leaves looked very much alive, yesterday, out of curiosity, I decided to do a check.


Root growth in 9 days.

Surprise! Roots are sprouting.

I guess there is no harm trying to re-grow a few more coppiced stalks of the particular bi-sexual tree that I like, right?

So … I used a very sharp knife to clean-cut 2 coppiced stalks from the tree that has given me HUGE, sweet fruits, cut off most of their leaves, coated their stumps with bonemeal and potted them.


And now to keep my fingers crossed and observe.

Papaya tree which I would to clone.

Papaya tree which I want to clone.

Special Update for tfg:  I took a pic to let you see the actual size of the tree which is about 11ft tall.  The fruits are HUGE and very sweet with thick juicy pulp… and it’s bi-sexual.


4 responses to “Papaya Propagation ~ My experiment

  1. How big is the papaya tree? I’d love to add another fruit tree to the yard.


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