“Holy He** ..!!” ~ Cee’s Oddball Challenge 2015 Week 27

Friday evening, as I drove onto my driveway after a bout of grocery shopping, I thought I was experiencing the Pirates of the Caribbean syndrome.

First I saw the sign of a county’s law vehicle, with overhead lights and all … and thought, “Oh no, let there be no harm done to T”.  Then as I slowed down, there, clearly on my neighbor’s yard was an old Spanish ship, with cannons and all.

Spanish galleon??

Spanish galleon??

Good grief!  OK, so am I going to meet Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones?  (Mind you, I hadn’t even had a sip of wine yet.)

I did not bring my foodstuff into the house ~ my first priority was to check if I was seeing things or …

They were actually there!

They were actually there!

Yes, those things were physically there. Nothing wrong with my contact lenses or my eyeballs.  *thank goodness*  My neighbors had a good laugh.  It was a float her co-workers had made to participate in the July 4th parade!


8 responses to ““Holy He** ..!!” ~ Cee’s Oddball Challenge 2015 Week 27

  1. I can understand that would be a bit disconcerting!



  2. A float is that a pun. I wouldn’t mind running into Johnny Dep in my driveway.
    Great fun story and photos both. 😀

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  3. Now that is just to cool of a float. Wonderful post.


  4. Shame on you for showing us this beauty. Now all of us blokes must have one. Can the cannons fire grapeshot? So important for our wine supply.


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