It costs Peanuts!

Yes, I use Peanuts as a form of soil improvement. I grow them not so much for crop harvest ~ though I do occasionally pull some up to roast and taste ~ but to help the soil get nitrogen and organic matter, naturally.  Everyone knows what Peanuts or Groundnuts (of the legume family) look like, from the store, right?

Peanuts (not the cartoon series)

Peanuts (not the cartoon series)

But do you know that the plant which bears beautiful flowers are super nitrogen absorbers and distributors? They suck from the atmosphere and release via their roots and nut crop.  Do you also know that the flowers, after pollination, bend towards the soil and then elongate their stems to push the ovaries into the soil for development?

A pretty Peanut Flower, small but eye-catching.

A pretty Peanut Flower, small but eye-catching.

And you probably thought peanuts just grew from the plants’ roots, right?  Well, I had to learn too.  :mrgreen:

Nice green leaves

Nice green leaves

I don’t ‘chop & drop’ Peanut plants, but I do carefully trim when they get shrubby and allow the leaves to decompose on the soil, like I do with Comfrey.

*I guess when you start with a yard of nothing but “Filldirt” (click HERE if don’t know what Filldirt is) you will try all kinds of ways and means to improve your soil, with Mother Nature’s help.


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