Bee-hold … what a sight!

This morning as I washed my coffee cup and looked out of the window over the sink, my heart skipped a beat. It was like a scene from the movies … with sound effects too.

I ran to get my camera and stepped out the backdoor where things just got bee-sier and bee-sier …

My 1st thought was “Oh no!, which one of my hives (I’ve got 2) are going to be half empty?” that was followed by wondering where they would station their swarm temporarily.

40ft up on a pine tree branch,

I got my answer ~ 40ft up on a pine tree branch,

Things have settled down a bit … they are still up on the tree, so I went down to do a quick check on our hives.

The looked normal.  Then where is this swarm from? Are they going to settle in my composting barrel (again)?


5 responses to “Bee-hold … what a sight!

  1. I’m glad you know what to do with those bees….


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  2. I love ’em!! 😀


  3. You must have been buzzing about like a bee in a bottle to get the great image of the swarm.

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