Recycling pallets


1st pallet brought home


A neighbor’s renovation has led to pallets being left to be disposed of. Hubby kept looking at them, the pallets i.e., as the pile slowly built up. They were pretty ‘rough’ looking but the wood was in good condition, so ideas began brewing.

Then over a few days, he brought them back, one at a time and dismantled them, making very sure no nails were left on the driveway. He ended up with 4 pallets (so far) to “play” with.

Out came the measuring tape, set square, saw, staple gun … etc.

Our free planks

The free planks

After measuring, sawing, sanding ~ it's slowly taking shape.

After measuring, sawing, sanding ~ it’s slowly taking shape.

The 1st panel which we also used as a kind of template.

The 1st panel which was also used as a kind of template.


Our (almost) free wine rack.

Our (almost) free wine rack.

And finally, after more than 10 days of leisurely after-work carpentry, it actually looked like what it was built for.  It just needed a bit of fine sanding and a couple of coats of clear varnish for completi0n.

(He ran out of staples at one point and had to stop work to head down to the hardware store.)

There is still some more wood ~ maybe he should build an extra shoe rack for me.  😀

Pallet wine rack now in use.

Recycled pallet wood rack

Work done, rack in position and vino has been loaded on. Our contribution to recycling.



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