Loquat (枇杷)

The fruit name Loquat is derived from the Cantonese term Lo-Guat.  pi pa gao
It’s Mandarin name is Pi-pa  (枇杷) and since I was a child I’ve always known it as the “bad stomach fruit” as all cousins and I were given Loquat Paste or Pipa Gao when we had stomach upset.


Well, we now have a 3 year old Loquat tree growing and I am still patiently waiting for some real yellow fruit to appear.   This fruit has been grown in China for eons but I have never researched its medicinal value. I know it is excellent served as dessert ~ skinned, chilled and laced with Grand Marnier.

About a year ago, while surfing the internet on a separate subject, hubby found out that it’s leaves had skin-healing properties. So when eczema hits, he takes his prepared Loquat Leaf concoction … seems to work, though I’m not sure if it’s for real or just a placebo effect.

It’s been a long wait and with lots of care rendered … I am really hoping to see some bloom and nice ripe 枇杷 this Fall!!  *sigh* (I won’t say that I hate Loquat Paste again, I promise.)

Disclaimer:  Our use of Loquat Leaves is our personal choice. I am only sharing this information here from experience and not as a medical expert. You should do your own research and dabble with its healing properties carefully and at you own risk.


3 responses to “Loquat (枇杷)

  1. I’m so curious about the loquat leaf concoction for skin ailments. One of my sisters has lupus, which comes with a lot of skin conditions, and I’m wondering if it might help her. We have a loquat tree in our back yard, and may try making some. Thanks for the link!


    • It would be best to check with your sister’s doc. or read further info because lupus is not so much just skin problem but an autoimmune problem within the body system. I wish you luck but pls be very careful.

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      • Yeah, that’s good advice. I’m visiting my sister right now, and was going to talk to her about it. When I posted that comment to you, I hadn’t read the recipe yet, and didn’t realize it was internal. I thought it was topical.

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