Driven Buggy!

OK, I have to admit I’m a “good” bug lover. They can roam my yard and eat whatever they want ~ yes, I share.  Conclusion: The Bugs drive me Buggy.   😆

Bee in Naturtium

Bee in Nasturtium

Bee on Sunflower

Bee on Sunflower

Ladybug about to have Aphid dinner.

Ladybug about to have her Aphid dinner.

Ladybug about to pollinate by Eggplant bloom.

Ladybug about to pollinate my Eggplant bloom.

Dragonfly Exterminator

Dragonfly Exterminator

Butterfly sucking her Nectar

Butterfly sucking her Nectar

These are just pics from my present camera SD card ~ there’s much more in my blog’s album and laptop HD.  I guess I’m just catching up with lost time learning about Mother Nature’s creations, having spent most of life in a concrete jungle.  🙂

(This post is in response to’s post on being driven-buggy.)



5 responses to “Driven Buggy!

  1. I absolutely love watching and photographing bugs as well. Every year seems to bring a new exotic I haven’t seen before. One of the nice things about living in a subtropical climate is the exotic nature of bugs and flowers. Thanks for sharing yours. Now that I’m following you, I challenge you to publish more and so will I!! While Cee is on hiatus perhaps I’ll publish an insect a day in lieu of her flower a day challenge!

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  2. Thanks for accepting my prompt, by the way. Great shots!

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  3. Such beautiful photography. 😀

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