Cassava or Ubi Kayu

We have had some rain and the heat in the atmosphere has lessened a little, so I did some “Forest” harvesting.

Ubi Kayu stems which were cut off/trimmed

Ubi Kayu stems which were cut off/trimmed

The 1st crop was Cassava (Yuca in Spanish) but known to me since childhood as Ubi Kayu (ubi means tuber and kayu means wood in Malay, so I guess it’s Woody Tuber).

Cassava, Yuca or Ubi Kayu

Cassava, Yuca or Ubi Kayu

It’s available in US supermarkets but usually comes with the sticker “Product of Mexico”. It grows so easily and provides a green hedge/shade plant, so I just stick cuttings in soil and let Mother Nature decide if it lives or goes to ubi-heaven.

There is so much written about its toxic properties in news articles and I feel that it is unfair. Yes, it contains cyanide and can kill ~ hey! so can Rhubarb, yet everyone eats Rhubarb pies and happily live on.  My caution is: Don’t treat any part of this plant as salad material, like carrots or beets or celery.

The leaves are edible too BUT, they need to be par-boiled for 10 mins and the water discarded. There goes the toxins…


Cuttings for planting

Cuttings for planting

So, for the next 48 hours, these stems will be in a jar of water to “refresh” them, then to further cultivate them on the property’s boundary.

The quirky looking tuber in the pic above is about to become  delicious cake.  Will post follow-up when done.


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