Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals

I began blogging as a private diary to record the progress of my backyard being converted into an organized “forest” of edible plants. The goal then was to perhaps get to know others who have the same interest and learn more, share information and view pictures of how they set their plants. gdnAlong the way, I think, my goalposts got shifted and my scope broadened beyond my expectations. I learned more about photography, different styles of writing, thoughts of people from different walks of life … so it’s not just setting goals to get more readers or followers … to me Goal no. 1 of blogging is still to record the different stages of my “Edible Forest” development and share what I’ve learned from my experience with others of the same interest. I’ve actually made some friends from Goal no. 1, so it is semi-achieved.

Because I’ve gotten to see and marvel at what photographers can do, learned so much from a generous teacher/blog like Cee’s Photography, I’ve actually just gotten me a slightly more advance camera to see if I can actually take better photographs ~ so that is Goal no. 2.  Is that considered a Blogging Goal?  Indirectly yes, because I would like to take better (much better) pictures to share, be they of plants and insects around me or of trips I intend to make.

Goal no. 3 ~ to improve my writing style. I was never a marketing or an advertising person so I, frankly, would not know how to even sell water in the desert. Some bloggers have such a smooth style of putting words into sentences which can magnetize readers to read to the end of their long posts, even at bedtime with heavy eyelids. Can I achieve that? It will be as tough as learning to walk on water but Blogging 201 wanted me to set 3 Goals, right?


2 responses to “Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals

  1. Photography and edible plants the perfect combination!

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