Kuih Bingka (Bingka Cake)

As a child, I had to help my mum and grandma with all kinds of nitty gritty things in the kitchen ~ like peeling potatoes, washing rice grains, pounding spices in a granite mortar using a pestle heavier than little, skinny me (we didn’t have food processors then). In its own way that has taught me to assess when things are going right (or wrong) by smell, texture & consistency, etc.

They were hardcore Nonyas, who cooked superb dishes that has made me somewhat regret giving my work life priority when they were alive. Oh well, better late, learning via the internet, then never, right?

After this recent harvest of Cassava or Ubi Kayu, I decided to check the internet to see if there might be “short cuts” to preparing dishes which I knew how to, but not the old tedious way and “voilà!”.

First thing, and no short cut here …

skin the tuber, notice there is a shell that allows semi-peeling

Skin the tuber, notice there is a shell that allows semi-peeling

Skinned and washed

Skinned and washed

The recipe which I found, with a new method of preparation, is from Guai Shu Shu  (which cheekily means an uncle who is good, in Mandarin) and involves that magical blender. US readers, yes, Custard Powder is very British but! you can find it in a corner of Publix where they place British/English products.

Ingredients in blender

Ingredients in blender

As per the recipe ... the blender is a-working.

As per the recipe … the blender is a-working.

Oh! My mum would have flipped if she had seen me doing this but, hey it’s all part and parcel of progress.  Our ancestors would have flipped if they had seen us in gas-fueled cars, right?

Anyway, I followed the recipe to the letter and the blender came in useful. Anyone interested in Singapore recipes, do check out Guai Shu Shu’s blog, it’s got some superb dishes for you to try.

So out of the blender came a cake mixture that actually tasted and smelled somewhat similar, had I done it manually.  Into my Pyrex loaf dish which I lined with Parchment Paper and a round casserole oiled with butter ~ simply to test which is preferable, for future baking.

Into bakeware

Into bakeware

Nice and Brown ~ smells just like Mama's

Nice and Brown ~ smells just like Mama’s

I wouldn’t put the pic below on a baker’s blog (but I’m a gardener ) ~ I had to hold back last night and wait for it to get to room temperature before cutting ~ and so, this morning’s hunger made me speed things up.

Had Kuih Bingka for breakfast ~ yum yum!

Had Kuih Bingka for breakfast ~ yum yum!






3 responses to “Kuih Bingka (Bingka Cake)

  1. Absolutely fascinating. Looks absolutely yummy too.


  2. Just to let you know that i always enjoy reading your blog. I am very familiar with this cassava plant. I used to grow it but somehow it all disappeared in my garden but it’s ok since i am running out of place and my small backyard is shaded. We also make bibingka or we call it cassava cake. I know it’s very yummy. I wonder if u use condensed milk and young coconut jam in your recipe. I really haven’t done one myself but my friends always serve them when we have a party. I can only eat 1 small size becuz it is fattening.

    You are really good steward of the land. keep up the good work ! Lita

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lita. I used fresh milk and coconut cream powder mixed in water. I just can’t find fresh grated coconut here to squeeze out the ‘milk’. Yeah, I know it’s sinfully fattening so DH & I usually have 1 pc each then I share w/friends.


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