Blogging 201 ~ Day Three: Get Read All Over

When I began my private diary of backyard progress, I tried different themes and had to learn a new language called “Bloglish”.  It took some slooow reading of WordPress for Dummies, borrowed from the library, to help me through the initial ordeal.  *Teeth Gnawing ~ Grrrr*

Then one day it suddenly dawned on me that not all themes are created equal. You know, like when you drive a Nissan truck, then ride a Harley Davidson, then hop on a Cherokee Jeep, then maybe pedal a Trek Bicycle? They all will get you where you want to go but they just need to be handled differently. Things just clicked. That’s when I tried each free theme on its own, for its own merits.

Different screen sizes

Testing tablet & smartphone screen appearance

I’m not saying my present theme is the best but I’ve been using Appearance, then Mobile on the Dashboard and trying different options and it seems to work ~ for now, I think.  So, fellow bloggers, if you see problems on my site, on the different screen sizes you may be using do let me know … pleeeze.


One response to “Blogging 201 ~ Day Three: Get Read All Over

  1. Good tips. I am still trying to land on one that I like. I think yours looks great. I love your photo here.

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