Star Apples ~ my seedy dreams

I had my 1st Star Apple taste in Jamaica this past June and boy! did it hit me that this is a super yummy fruit to have in the garden (or should I say forest). It grows in zone 10 and I’m in zone 9 BUT if I can somehow work on a micro-climate scheme of sort … *oops* reality hit me. Get the seeds started before further dreaming.

The super sweet and juicy Star Apple grown by our host in Kingston, Jamaica

The super sweet and juicy Star Apple grown by our host in Kingston, Jamaica

Yes, I actually kept dreaming of these gorgeous trees with all these “apples” just within reach. The dreams then proceeded to transform these trees into bonzai plants by my concrete walls and triggered my present seedy venture. So, on June 18, I put the seeds in potting soil & checked them on July 2/15.

Patience is a virtue, yeah, *sigh* but I’m not as virtuous as other gardeners & these are really slow sprouters/growers. Finally, I guess Mother Nature had pity on me & decided to give me something to look forward to… so she gave strength to 2 of them (out of 6).

They exposed themselves!

On 07/16, they exposed themselves!

And this morning 07/22, I saw real leaves! *Yippee!*  My seedy dreams are actually coming true. I know it’s going to be a high-risk long wait but “The harvest of a thousand fruits begins with the growth of the 1st 2 leaves” ~ says this seedy gardener.  :mrgreen:

The 2 seed-leaves.

The 2 seed-leaves.


5 responses to “Star Apples ~ my seedy dreams

  1. Oh wow… happy for you…As for me i will just keep dreaming of what i used to enjoy way back many, many years ago. I can just taste the sweetness, juiciness, and the flavor in my mouth. Let me know how it goes……



  2. I’ve never tried a star apple, are they available at any specialty grocery stores? Congrats on the seedlings!


    • It’s a tropical fruit & after I saw your question I decided to check & found out you can get it from a shop that sells via Amazon. I will be on a lookout for the fruit on my next visit to Thailand and Malaysia 🙂 Boy! is it yummy!


  3. I’ve never seen a Star Apple. I’ll have to search specialist vendors of fruit and see how I go. Looks delicious.;


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