Blogging 201 ~ Day Four: Give ‘Em What They Want


“A picture is worth ten thousand words” ~ Chinese proverb

So, does it mean that on or by 11 am on Sundays, there should be a new post of the most popular subject, if possible?   *brain doing some thinking*

The most popular posts (and unexpected too) are tagged Pandan Propagation ~ without soil resulting from fellow bloggers’ and Google searches.  Why? I can only attribute it to the needs and wants of the S.E. Asian population who are now spread out globally. The plant that was once commonly found and cheap, thus taken for granted, used in wardrobes & cars as air freshener & cockroach repellent, in rice storage bins as bug repellent, in rice pots, savory dishes and desserts as aroma enhancers, etc. suddenly becomes rare and much needed. So, do I promote and post more about this plant?
*brain doing more thinking*

Back to the captioned ~ Krista mentioned an Editorial Calendar.
OK, I have to concede that that is actually a good idea as I have come to love impromptu and ad hoc deeds after leaving an overly orderly career and lifestyle of many decades. Maybe it’s time to exercise some sensible planning.

(Need more caffeine-juice* now, to decipher how this Editorial Calendar works.)
*thick black coffee ~ don’t worry, none of that psycho drug stuff.


3 responses to “Blogging 201 ~ Day Four: Give ‘Em What They Want

  1. Interesting. I haven’t started today’s assignment yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your blog is seriously so beautiful. And I’m working on my tea as I read and write! Actually, off to see what you say about kale–mine isn’t doing to well at the moment!


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