Blogging 201 ~ Day Five: Make the Most of Your Archives

Today’s assignment: integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content like a widget, related posts, or a “Best of” page.

web“Make the Most of your Archives” ~ Is that similar to “wipe dust off  your blog’s casket and open up” because your might find treasures in there? Should I dig and clear cob webs? Or get a widget to do it for me?

I’m about to find out …
One of my favorite blog challenges is Cee’s Oddball which has taught me – anything goes. I posted Oddball Photos without feeling odd, even though the subjects did seem odd when I took their photos.  Then again, travel photos which I thought were just nice keepsakes seemed to appeal to readers/viewers when I posted on WP Weekly Photo Challenge.  Not forgetting ~ Writing 101 Prompts actually got me thinking, thinking in a creative fun way without holdbacks, then punch the keyboard did I.

So, why is it that when I post something which I deem to be funny, it never draws traffic but random posts (like a diary entry) seems to do so? 😕    Go figure!

Adjustments forthcoming …




5 responses to “Blogging 201 ~ Day Five: Make the Most of Your Archives

  1. gretahartmann

    Great insights! I’m still working on day 2, but this post inspires me to get busier! I love participating in Cee’s odd ball challenge, as well! See you around! Greta

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  2. The same thing happens to me! Spend six hours honing a post I’m totally proud of, and nobody comes to visit. Spend six minutes throwing up a post about a spider in the bathroom, and now it’s my most popular post! Go figure.

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