Blogging 201 – Day Six: Dig Deep into a Social Network

Ah yes, publicity, but … am I selling some product? Am I marketing my services on my blog? Not that I’m aware of.  So ~ that makes this assignment a little challenging.

LinkedIn cannot be In because that would involve my professional circle, or rather ex-professional circle. That has no bearing on my blog, heck, my ex-colleagues/co-workers might think I’ve gone a little delirious and wanting them to know to what extent. Compost has nothing to do with medical data systems.

My Facebook is reserved for family, relatives and very close friends… that’s why I have only 40+ Friends there. Why not 400? FB WMDBecause I can’t keep so many e-friends entertained by posting daily what I had for lunch, how I talked to my neighbor’s dog or who I would like to flirt with.
I have 3 Share-Buttons on my blog, Facebook being 1 of them, but I use that when sharing gardening updates with family. Fellow bloggers can share on their Facebook if doable and they would like to.

What else?  Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Reddit … I may/may not use them but to me those are just social networking sites used for different fields of interest.  My Fitbit friends wouldn’t be interested to know if I’m trying to grow coconuts or peanuts and neither would I want to publicize, on my gardening blog, that I’m going to do a 3 mile Fartlek, which incidentally has nothing to do with farting.  (By the way, Anthony Weiner tweeted about his wiener and see what happened?)

Do you see why I don’t and can’t bring myself to go all batty about random publicity? I’ll gladly share information and photographs with fellow bloggers because we’re on the same platform, with the same interest ~ Blogging.

Should I change my approach?  😕


3 responses to “Blogging 201 – Day Six: Dig Deep into a Social Network

  1. My sentiments exactly. Excellent post.

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