‘Down-to-Earth’ cliché

Sometimes a quirky cliché means exactly what it is meant to mean.

Carrots, the common root vegetable we see being sold everywhere, which can be eaten raw, cooked, pickled ~ your choice, are filled with nutrients. Many gardeners grow carrots in their backyards because they are easy to grow, harvest and clean… and boy! fresh carrots are delicious.

Mother Nature has rendered it all in a cycle and if patience is exercised for ONE carrot, left to live for over a year, it will bear thousands of seeds which can be saved for the following few plantings.

budding flowers

Budding ‘micro’ flowers

which will transform into a full bouquet that ants, bees, wasps, etc. will all help to pollinate. I guess the blooms taste good to these pollinators.

carrot bouquet in full bloom

A carrot bouquet in full bloom

pollinator at work

Pollinator at work

carrot harvest

carrot harvest

And with all the seeds that those micro flowers produce, you can put them back “down to earth” for the next planting and enjoy nice fresh harvest along the way.

Remember:  Leave ONE (or 2 if you like) undisturbed and you won’t need to buy carrot seeds again (ever).




6 responses to “‘Down-to-Earth’ cliché

  1. Nice carrot harvest. Never saw carrot flowers before. they are lovely.


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  2. I like What and how you write. You have a beautiful delivery of words.
    I am new to blogging, I’d be glad if you could spare some time and visit my blog. 🙂


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