Before and After Pics & Their Effects

“A picture is worth a thousand words …” said many wise men

With that in mind, I keep an album of photographs to remind and inspire me to keep going and growing when the plants are staying still with not a fruit in sight. Oh yes, gardeners’ patience are tested many a time but Food Forest zealots like me get it double the force.

That’s when the album is opened … (and now shared with fellow bloggers).

DIYing our side patio 18 months after moving in.

DIYing our side patio 22 months after moving in.

Side Patio today

Side Patio today

The long frosty winters of 2010 (on record as coldest) and 2011 wiped out everything green so we decided in 2012 to begin working with Mother Nature and doing it the Permaculture way.

That cocky apple tree and all that sod, sod, sod.

That cocky apple tree and all that sod, sod, sod. See the power lines?

The food forest today

The food forest today … & that crazy apple tree is still alive. Power lines still visible.

3 years and still learning. The front yard is kept kind of “normal” to prevent those stone-age thinking county officials from ringing the doorbell, but elsewhere I practice what I call ” Food Forest Yardening” ~ my hobby.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”





6 responses to “Before and After Pics & Their Effects

  1. Wow that is impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your backyard looks like my backyard. Do u have a pic of your “normal” front yard?



  3. Must be the same the whole world over. We have roving council’ rangers’ who love enforcing bylaws.


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