I’m a Gourd-ma … finally!

I waited, I monitored, I even spoke to the vines … but in vain (or so I thought).

Then suddenly this morning, it just hung there, small & green, but hung there it did, showing me that patience pays and more are forthcoming. Some say that the Bittergourd is Ugly, ah yes, but Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder.

Baby Bittergourd

Baby Bittergourd

So for 2015, the April warming proved fruitless but the Summer cooling to Fall is bearing fruit. *sigh*  Perennials in the Tropics are Tricksters in Warm Temperate zones (very unpredictable!) but as long as growable, I’ll keep trying. So, how do I know there’s more ‘in store’?

My little Gourd-blooms are really cute and they show their gender openly with no qualms.  Don’t be shy, check out their anatomy …

No doubt about their sex

No doubt about their sex

Why am I so keen on something bitter? Well, stout is bitter, sugarless coffee is bitter, Arugula is bitter, Angostura Bitters make drinks bitter, so why not enjoy this gourd which is bitter?

Since I was a kid, helping mum to slice it, I’d chew on a piece or two raw; then when in my teens I learned the easiest dish to prepare was to slice them, add oil, garlic & black fermented bean paste to hot wok, when fragrant put in gourd slices, stir fry for 2 minutes then crack an egg and add that in. Oooh, on steaming white rice or toast, sprinkle some pepper and I’d be happy and contented with that meal.

But for now ~ that painful (but hopefully fruitful) wait …



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