The Three Trees (to-be)

the 3 plants that came home with us

the 3 plants that came home with us

We traveled over 300 miles for them … so I hope they appreciate our company and we can all live happily ever after.

Yes, we gave it much thought, we sourced locally & via local nurseries’ contacts, but when all came to naught, we decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and hit the road. Yes, we crossed the state and went to the gulf coast to visit ECHO nursery seeking specific plants. Crazy? That depends …

farm and nursery

farm and nursery

Since we were all the way there, I decided that apart from adopting our pet-plants, we should stay the night and take a tour of their “food farm” in the morning to learn more about edible forest planting.

real food growing

real food growing plus landscaping

and there's the class room or shelter

and here’s the class room or shelter

the farm's exterminator

the farm’s exterminator

Many of the plants they have, I have too but how it’s grown for better harvest is knowledge gained by yours truly.

the tropical pumpkin

the tropical pumpkin ~  new crop to plant next year as a massive ground cover

a new crop to plant next year as a mass groundcover

size of leaf is just spectacular

malabar spinach grown in mango seed shells

Malabar spinach grown using mango seed shells

Eye opening gardening methods taught to poor countries, is researched here, at the center, and seems to work so easily.  I began my food growing frenzy 3 years ago and I know that there is so much more to learn and learn I did.

BUT ~ the crux now is to make sure those 3 precious pet plants of ours (the Beaumont Macadamia Nut, the Katuk and the Edible Hibiscus) are kept happy and contented growing in our yard.


4 responses to “The Three Trees (to-be)

  1. Die paddatjie is dierbaar. Ek was nou op hulle webtuiste – baie interessant. Ek sou nie omgee om so ‘n toer op die plaas persoonlik mee te maak nie.

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  2. I love trees and we planted over a hundred around the back of our house. Now a neighbour is having a whinge because too many birds are occupying our trees and doing their business on his tennis court. When he starts I suddenly find I’m a bit deaf these days. Best of luck with yours, they will flourish for sure.

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