Moringa Cuppa, anyone?

I am a Moringa Oleifera buff, yes, I cook it, add it to salads, use it as green manure and feed my wriggling pets in my worm-bin with it.

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera

After my recent visit to ECHO Farm (where it is greatly promoted; do watch the video, it’s very informative), I’ve been inspired to try something new.

So, out to the backyard I went, for some moringa-leaf harvest.  As this is going to be my 1st attempt, I resisted cutting off too much.

Rinsed them and placed them in colanders to be sun dried.  It’s summer, so what better time to do this?

August 10

August 10th ~ from this …

They dried, they shrank …


… to this ~ August 11th

Crunchy dry Moringa leaves

Crunchy-dry Moringa leaves

After 2 days of strong sun-drying, I crunched them to make sure that they were fully dried, yes they broke up like brittle crackers ~ they are ready. So I decided to put them in homemade teabags, without staples. I stitched/fastened the bags with clean cotton yarn.

Teabags made from coffee filters

Teabags made from coffee filters

Used teabags will go to the worms or simply composted.  Soon I intend to have mixed concoctions ~ with mint or ginger or cranberry hibiscus or rosemary …
Any suggestions?



4 responses to “Moringa Cuppa, anyone?

  1. I really want a portion of my garden/yard dedicated to plants that can be used in tea…let me know how this turns out for you!

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  2. Will do. I’m concocting a moringa-lemongrass-ginger, it needs further drying. We’ve had a 7-hr power outage from storm & now it’s on & off, my apologies if I can’t post further.


  3. Are you growing this plant in Singapore or US? If you are in Singapore, I am interested to get a cutting to grow it.


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