Born Again

There are times in one’s life when one can feel literally bled-dry.
No loss of life, no seepage of fortune ~ just the plain loss of one’s virtual limbs and maybe brain as well.  I had Ms Toshi physically with me, held her, felt her, listened to her ‘burring’ away BUT nothing worked ~ she was comatose!

I kid you not, I actually felt real pain and frustration. For 2 days I talked to her, cajoled, persuaded even shook her, I even went as far as trying to give her the kiss of life.  😥

Alas, I knew I had to do what I had to do ~ I had to euthanize Ms Toshi to end all misery.  So ~ re-boot my 5-year old Toshiba laptop I did …

Being born again

Being born again

First use? Maybe first use in her new life!

First use!?!  *sigh* maybe first use in this new life…

Her insides are being figured out/manipulated.

Her insides are being figured out/manipulated.

So, if I haven’t commented or responded to fellow bloggers, my sincere apologies. Ms Toshi will now be re-bolstered with proper material and I hope she will bounce back to her good old stable self in the next couple of days.


7 responses to “Born Again

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Frustrated is not an adequate adjective under the circumstances.


  2. Oh dear! I feel you. Did you manage to back everything up before it went kapot?


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