Jon Bon Jovi sings in Chinese!!

Yes, he does, and it’s actually quite good.  The intonations are not 100% perfect but hey! any Mandarin speaker will understand what he is singing.  月亮代表我的心 which means The Moon Represents My Heart is a super sentimental song of my youth.

Just listening to it brought back so many thoughts and memories which were left undisturbed for ages.

It actually got me digging into boxes of old CDs which I had brought to the US years ago, and yes I found the one by the original singer Teresa Teng, who sadly died at age 40.

What songs can do to the brain!!


3 responses to “Jon Bon Jovi sings in Chinese!!

  1. this is so cool! Jon Bon Jovi can sing the phone book and I would listen 🙂

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  2. I can’t stand him when he sings in English.b Perhaps I’d like him in Chinese. Couldn’t be worse surely.


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