Cicadas’ Extreme Makeover

The noisy bugs have emerged and so I get to listen to their serenade on warm evenings. I just wish they made more pleasant noises instead of sounding like drunk crickets trying to sing arias.

In their nymph stage, they look like ugly beetles or bugs on soil but when the time and weather is right, these bugs undergo an extreme makeover and split their “shells” to emerge.  (Some years ago when I first saw them, I thought these poor bugs got extracted & eaten by bigger bugs.)

Cicada shells left on my trellis.

Cicada shells left on my trellis.

Their “shells” include a made-to-measure covering, over legs, face and even eyeballs!

Check this LINK to see what they emerge to become.
(No plastic surgery involved.)




3 responses to “Cicadas’ Extreme Makeover

  1. Thanks so much for the video. Do your cicadas have green wings? Ours sound like buzzsaws…starting out as miracas, but quickly turning to the bzzzzzzzzzzzz sound. Deafening.


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